2020 Photo Contest Winners

2020 Photo Contest Winners

Last year’s winners of the Seasonglass Photo Contest produced some outstanding artworks.  Without imitating Ahae’s photography, Winner Martin Hwang and Junior Winner Yulyi Song each captured their own resonant moments in nature.  

(Main Image) Winner: Martin Hwang

 Trees in February. Picture taken on Orchard Hill Farm during casual stroll.


Youth Winner: Yulyi Song

Rainbow caught at a glance from home.


People's Choice: Aeji Lim

햇빛에 비친 나무기둥의 그림자들이 흰 눈 위에 일렬로 즐비하게 늘어진 모습이 인상적이다. 단순함과 통일감으로 그림자가 어떠한 패턴으로 보여지는 듯 하다.


People's Choice: Junyoung Cho

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