Monthly Subscription fee1 $149.99 / month $185.99 / month $459.99 / month
All subscribers receive the following benefits:
Photographs available for customization 343 Photos 547 Photos All photographs from the Through My Window Project made available now and in the future by Seasonglass
Monthly Subscription fee for Premium Subscribers1  After making 60 months of consecutive monthly payments under his/her Subscription, a Subscriber will become a “Premium Subscriber”. The monthly Subscription fee for a Premium Subscriber is $10 per month.
Refund Policy All subscription fee payments are, in part and in whole, final.
No refunds are provided for any fees you have paid.
  1. All fees are subject to change at Seasonglass’ discretion, upon e-mail notification to subscribers (including Premium Subscribers).
  2. Special pricing not applied to Limited Edition Artworks and Limited Edition Products.
  3. Subscribers of any level can choose from all available Ahae photographs.
  4. Dependent on the nature and size of order.
  5. Gift print size and choice of image vary depending on the purchased artwork.


  • “Ahae Products” means products displaying images of Ahae’s photographs, produced according to specifications set by Ahae Press, Inc. ("Ahae Press"). These products do not include Limited Edition Products.
  • “Artworks” means Limited Edition Artworks and Unlimited Archival Artworks.
  • “Catalog” means a booklet containing a list of a selection of Ahae’s photographs with thumbnail images.
  • “Custom Prints” means prints produced according to customized requests of subscribers. These Custom Prints are not Artworks and do not include a signature seal or label.**
  • “Custom Products” means products produced according to customized requests of subscribers. These products include a broad range, e.g. mugs, t-shirts, posters, textiles, etc.**
  • “Limited Edition Artworks” fine-art photographic prints produced and framed using size and material guidelines set by Ahae Press. Each print is produced in limited editions. The Limited Edition Artworks have the Ahae signature label with the edition number and artwork title.
  • “Limited Edition Products” means products produced by Ahae Press in limited editions.
  • "Premium Subscriber" is a subscriber who has made 60 consecutive monthly payments of Subscription fees under his/her Subscription.
  • "Portfolio AHAE 001_10X” means all 547 photographs exhibited at all 10 exhibitions of Ahae’s photographs held during Ahae’s lifetime.
  • “Portfolio AHAE 001_L/V” means the 343 photographs exhibited at Ahae’s Louvre and Versailles exhibitions.
  • “Through My Window Project” means all photographs taken by Ahae through his studio window from 2009 to 2014.
  • “Unlimited Archival Artworks” means fine-art photographic prints produced and framed using size and material guidelines set by Ahae Press. These prints include the Ahae signature seal.
  • * Payment methods - Credit card (automatic payment). Your credit card will be automatically charged the then-current applicable monthly subscription fee each month.
  • ** Seasonglass reserves the right to deny customized order requests for prints and products at its sole discretion, including without limitation requests it deems infeasible, harmful to the integrity of a digital image, or too similar in appearance to any Artwork.