10 Exhibitions Around the World


10 Exhibitions Around the World

  • Made in collaboration with Assouline Publishing
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  • Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 2 inches / 131 pages
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In the countryside of South Korea, Ahae started taking photographs in 2009 from his studio window, capturing the myriad scenes of nature outside. Over the next five years, he took over 3.3 million photographs from the same window day and night, without missing a day. As people learned of the project and their interest grew, exhibitions were held one by one at prominent venues in eight cities: Prague, New York, London, Moscow, Florence, Venice, Paris, and Versailles. The public had the opportunity to view and reflect on the photographs in exhibition spaces designed specifically for each location, while many scholars in the art world studied Ahae's artworks and analyzed their significance and place in the history of photography. Ten Exhibitions Around the World brings these venues together in an interactive book, presenting a global, multidimensional experience of Ahae’s photography.

Hardcover in a luxury slipcase.  

QR Codes containing videos, interactive graphics, music, and photo galleries.

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