Ahae Press alone is authorized to produce these original artworks, limited to only 7 editions per image.

Each Limited Edition has a counterfeit-proof Ahae signature label and is in a museum grade frame with Optium Museum Acrylic, identical to those used on the artworks exhibited at various exhibitions during the artist's lifetime.

The following 3 available print types were used by the artist while he was living and featured at his exhibitions.


1. Digital C-Print
A color printing process in which the material is exposed to three different subtractive-colored lasers that translate the digital file for the printer.
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2. Watercolor
Inkjet printing on fine art watercolor paper that reveals a deep-set painted quality due to the paper’s natural texture.
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3. Platinum
The most durable among all photographic processes, platinum printing involves the absorption of platinum material slightly into the paper itself, resulting in a delicate and warm tonal range that cannot be achieved by silver gelatin printing.
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2018 Catalog

With purchase of a Limited Edition Artwork, subscribers will receive a complimentary Unlimited Archival Artwork and up to $500 off of shipping and handling costs.


Digital C-Print Example 2 Digital C-Print Example 3 Watercolor Example 2 Watercolor Example 3 Watercolor Example 4 Watercolor Example 5 Platinum Example 2 Platinum Example 3 Platinum Example 4 Platinum Example 5 Platinum Example 2 Platinum Example 3 Archival Watercolor 2 Archival Watercolor 3 Archival Inkjet A3+ 2 Archival Inkjet A3+ 3 Archival Inkjet XL 2